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Washington, We Have a Problem… A Spending Problem.

Somehow the national news media, with the assistance of the lack of communication by the Republican Party, framed the entire “Fiscal Cliff” discussion about a need for increased revenue.  The dialogue in the nation was completely one-sided and totally ignored that our Federal Government doesn’t have a […]

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Visualizing The Fiscal Cliff

Take a stiff drink before reading this piece. The Fiscal Cliff is the name given for the 2013 increase of Federal Government taxes and budget cuts. The Bush-era tax cuts expire and the 2013 “Budget Control Act” kicks in, among other budget cuts & new taxes. The […]

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Washington Post Discovers That The Recovery Stinks

It probably would have been more helpful for the Washington Post to have stumbled upon this storyline BEFORE the election. This economic recovery has been a big disappointment relative to what the United States has usually experienced after a recession. Growth has been 9 percent below what […]

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Next Obamacare deadline: State health exchanges

A major deadline comes this Friday in the implementation of the massive restructuring of the U.S. healthcare system.  Under the provisions of the Affordable Care Act (aka – Obamacare), all 50 States have until Friday to decide whether they will set up health insurance exchanges. The health […]

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Election’s Over: Obamacare Is Coming On Strong Now

In the past 48 hours, since the election results were complete, over 40 major American companies announced job cuts and layoffs. I wonder why. In completely unrelated news, I’m sure, the Heritage Foundation asks a very good question… What’s next for Obamacare now? The bad news is […]

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Have You Heard About the “Fiscal Cliff”?

Those of us sad people who spend all of their time engrossed in the everyday political minutiae are all too familiar with the coming “fiscal cliff.” But even those familiar with the coming “cliff” sometimes get the facts wrong. I’ve heard many pundits say the “cliff” is […]

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Why Is Washington DC So Dysfunctional

Neil Barofsky, former Inspector General for the TARP program, tells Business Insider why things in our nation’s capital have gotten so crazy. Bottom line: Barofsky said the incentive structure in our nation’s capitol is  all wrong. There’s a revolving door between bureaucrats in Washington and Wall  Street […]

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Is Today’s Jobs Report Good or Bad??

Today’s jobs report is not as easy as “more jobs added than analysts expected” or “the unemployment rate rose to 8.3%.” You really need to dig into the report. It is complex and doesn’t fit well on a bumper sticker. What you need to look at is […]

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Heading Toward a “September” Surprise?

Former U.S. Senator Judd Gregg has some interesting thoughts on the state of the nation’s economy and its impact on the upcoming Presidential elections. September is a month where unusual and often extremely damaging things seem to happen. It is the month that kicked off the Great […]

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Study Finds Almost One in Ten Companies Will Drop Health Insurance

Yesterday, an important story came out relative to the changes in the healthcare marketplace.  As reported at Consulting company Deloitte will release a study today [Tuesday] that estimates that that almost one in ten companies will drop coverage in the next three years. “Around 81% were planning […]

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